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The Last of Us Part II Trailer Revealed at Sony Experience


All aboard the hype train! Today at the Sony Experience 2016 event, developer Naughty Dog announced a sequel to the massively popular 2013 title The Last of Us. Part II, as its being called, is still early in development according to Creative Director Neil Druckmann. Fans did get a glimpse at what’s to come however in a trailer featuring a slightly older Ellie playing a somber tune on an acoustic guitar.

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Borderlands 2 Vita Review


I love me some Borderlands.  The original was a breath of life into a stagnating genre and the sequel build onto that ten fold with a fleshed out story, character development and a streamlining of gameplay elements.  It’s no wonder that it has sold…like.. a bajillion copies or whatever.  While Borderlands 2 was released on most major consoles, the PC version was by far the apex of the bunch with sharper textures, smoother framerate, ridiculous PhysX particle effects (if your card could handle it,) and of course the ability to use a mouse and keyboard, you know, the preferred method.  Up until the release of the Vita variant the “inferior” versions to play were the consoles, but not anymore!

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New Vita, Vita TV, and Japan release date

Cute widdle box.
Cute widdle box.

Not only did Sony break some hard news about Japan not getting the PS4 until Feb. 22nd (Ouch, BTW) But they also revealed something pointless which is pictured to the left, ya know, because Nintendo remakes their handhelds every year and people keep buying that shit.  But they also announced something…odd.

Let’s get to the redesigned PSVita.  It’s slightly slimmer, slightly lighter, has slightly better battery and blah blah blah.  Look, that is all great and happy and puppy farts and stuff, but if the damn thing still only has 4 worthwhile games since it was released LAST YEAR than what the hell is the point?  Sales of the Vita are embarrassing and a remake isn’t going to fix that.  What will fix that are games, of which, it doesn’t have at all.
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Idle-Handz at E3

image766228002.jpgThat is right. My little gaming site will be coveraging E3 live in Los Angeles June 15th thru the 17th.

This is going to be a tall order to fill as I am only one man, going up against teams..nay!…Gangs..NO!… Armies! Of journalists working for other sites. But, I’ll do my best.. I’m going to try and setup a live feed for the major events. Alongside taking lots of pictures, interviews (hopefully) and so on.

From now until E3, updates may he a little slow as I prepare for my journey. Still, keep coming back. I’ll try and post the most important news until then.

3D for PS3 will be less stellar

So, news as come out about how Sony is going to be pulling off 3D gaming with the ps3.

The Answer?

Killing resolution and/or detail.

With Wipeout HD, the game runs at a silky smooth 1080p/60fps. (many sites have stated 60hz. Which I believe is wrong. And common sense would further prove this fact as I explain)
So, what Sony is doing. Is dropping the resolution to 720p and bringing the frameste down from 60 to 30fps. Which. Really isn’t THAT bad for the 3D trade off. (if it was 30hz as all other sites state. It would not be logical to run in 3D. Since 3D requires at least 100hz to be comfortable. You can play at 60 or even 30hz. But playing at 60hz is not comfortable. And 30hz is even less and causes eye strain and headaches.)

For the more detailed and straining games, like Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. Which already run at 720p. The game will run at the lower detail level that it runs at when in splitscreen. Which…is a little sad. But. Might be worth the tradeoff.

My worry is for some other games they are claiming will get 3D. Killzone 2? Man. How much are they going to have to cripple that game to get it working decently? A shiny silver lining is that these are retrofitting 3D. And programming a game for 3D from the beginning may not yield such harsh deficits. Guess we shall see. Hmm?

Sony pushes out 3.21 for PS3..beware!

The newest firmware release does absolutely nothing, but remove a feature of older ps3’s. If you own a slim. This feature means nothing to you. If you where one of the few with a “phat” model (that could truly do everything!) this update removes your ability to install a different OS.

If you haven’t heard. The original ps3’s could bot only play ps1 AND ps2 games, had a memory card reader, abd more USB ports. It also allowed you to install linux and use your ps3 as a Linux machine. This update remves that ability. Why? Because this ability, apparently, is vital in hacking your ps3 and allowing unsigned code to run (IE, homebrew or copies.).

The infamous iPhone hacker Geohotz has written up a letter to Sony stating how disaapointing there move is. And asks the community to wait on updating, he is looking for a way to allow firmware updates without losing this ability.

Right now, Sony is demonstrating there motion control system consisting of 2 control “sticks”. The first demo was a combat style mini game. From this demo, the controls and motion sensing seems pretty responsive and precise. It was impressive. There next demo was table tennis. Where the person playing was using quicker motions. From this. You can see that the resonsiviness wasn’t quite as good as the combat game they showed before. It was still pretty good though. And seemed a little quicker than the Wii’s motion controls.

The other games demonstrated where a street brawler that used both controls as fists. And mimicked your punches and swings. The responsiviness looked good. The game was detailed. Hopefully it was still early. Because it looks kindof barren of content.

The next bit they showed was of how easy the controls can be shoehorned into games already in development and beat release. They showed Socom4 using the “Move” controls. This demonstration was “ok”. The game was choppy and you didn’t get a good look at how the controls where actually being used.

Finally, the showed off how well the controls can be encoded into games already out with a demo of a LIttle Big Planet level that required 2 people. One controls objects in the game. While the other player was Sackboy and going through the level. This was a very basic way of implementing the Move controls. But, it looked like it was well done and could add a nice element of gameplay.

The while demonstration of the control system was good. But. The fact the Sony is basically pulling a “me-too” to Nintendo it wasn’t quite as impressive. Still looked like a solid start though. Guess a hands on would be in order.