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Nintendo Switch Review

Well, it’s finally here.  Nintendo’s next attempt at a console.  They haven’t been shy about wanting to push their console market into their dominate handheld market, given that the Wii U was basically a tablet/console abomination.  The Big N is doubling down on that concept by making the next console completely portable as well as allowing away from home gaming with the ability to play with friends on the same screen via the dual control pad system.

Will this gambit pay off in the end, or is Nintendo going to eat away at their own handheld market and further confuse their audiences with non compatible options that both sit in the mobile market?

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The Nintendo 180

Nintendo-gamesGrowing up I first fell in love with gaming thanks to Nintendo. While not my first experience with gaming, it was the first time I can say I knew this was something I would always want to do. I remember a friend of my brothers bringing over the original NES and playing the original Mario and some other games. Before that I had only played on old PC’s, Intellivision’s, and various Atari systems that barely worked. The Nintendo put them all to shame; intense graphics, sound, easy of use and complex but simple controls. Since then, I’ve owned nearly every system and played every genre I can, whittling it down to genres I follow very closely. Nintendo was always in the forefront of this “hobby” (word comfortably interchangeable with addiction.), holding a special place in my heart, as I’m sure many others do as well. And like many of you, probably followed them into their future endeavors with the SNES, N64, and other systems. Even the disappointing ones like the Virtual Boy and Gamecube. Whether they were Nintendo’s fault or the industry at the time is here nor there.

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Mario Kart 7 Review


Mario Kart, excuse my language, was my shit! When it was first introduced on the SNES back in the day, I remember my friends and I renting it.. playing non-stop, and eventually buying or getting it as a gift and from there mastering every course, trying to beat each others best lap and course times over and over again. I think my ol’ cart still has our best times in it (unless the battery died, of course.) I still hold the top lap time on Mario Circuit with Bowser. (Eat it, everyone else!) From that point on we were hooked on Mario Kart. When the N64 version came out, it happened all over again. That version is held high as the greatest iteration of the series EVER. While other Mario Karts have come around, the N64 version is the cart to rule them all. For every system Nintendo releases, 3 things are inevitable. There will be a Zelda game, there will be a Mario game, and there will be Mario Kart! unlike the 1st two’s continued quality and balance, the Mario Kart series has lost a lot of it’s shine and steam to over simplification, over balancing, and Nintendos attempts and making the game work for absolutely everyone, from the completely mentally handicapped to the extreme addict who should be winning every race.

Does this newest entry sway the series’s trend of mediocrity and give the King of the Kart (N64 version) a run for it’s money?


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Wii to start offering demos

image167592784.jpgYep. Nintendo, later this month. Will begin Making demos of some of it’s WiiWare titles as a test run.

Following Nintendo’s plummet from there ivory tower of year over year profit since the Wii and DS where first released. Nintendo will begin dipping into the 360 and PS3 pool a little more to try and refill the ink on there money printers.

New Mario Bros.. Sans Online?

In what seems like a baffling move. The new 4 player co-op Mario Game heading for the Wii we reported on yesterday will NOT feature any online play.

Miyamoto, Father of all things nintendo (essentially.) stated at a Developer table conference during nintendos E3 showing that the game was pushing the limits of the Dual-Duct taped Gamecubes CPU and simply couldn’t afford the extra cycles for online play.

This is awfully dishearting especially with so many other games now being online for the Wii.

On the record, I’d personally like to say “DOUBLE EWE TEA EFF” the Miyamotos statement… I’m confused how a 2D side scroller with no online capabilities could possibly be pushing the system harder then Mario Kart, or even The Conduit. A fully 3D FPS that will allow 16player deathmatch and online chat…

Its’a me!… Mario!

This morning at Nintendos press conference a couple gems have been dropped. First off we have Super Mario Galaxy 2 heading for the Wii. No release date, my guess is this holiday season. Images seem to show that it’s… Well. Much like the other Mario Galaxy.

What’s more exciting (for me anyways) is the announcment of The New Super Mario Bros.! For the Wii.

This brings back the classic 2D side scrolling action that nintendo resurrected with New Super Mario Bros. On the DS a couple years ago. The big addition to this one is the heavy use if 4-player coop gameplay!

Again. No release date yet. Let’s hope it’s sooner than later.

[image from Kotaku.com]