Halo Anniversary

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

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Halo AnniversaryThe world was a very different place in 2001. Call of Duty hadn’t been released yet, Medal of Honor was good, and fans of first-person shooters were still searching for health packs instead of waiting for their health to regenerate automatically. And then Halo came out to completely change the landscape, not only of the first-person shooter, but of gaming in general.

Ten years later, there’s probably not a gamer in the States who hasn’t heard of Halo. The image of Master Chief has become synonymous with Microsoft’s consoles, and perhaps even of gaming itself. But with recent additions in the series, like Reach and ODST, the original tale that started this phenomenon is becoming a rapidly fading memory from a past generation. 343 Industries wants to change this, throwing players back in the shoes of Master Chief himself and letting them re-experience the story of Combat Evolved in HD. Now, calling this game a remake is almost doing it a disservice. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was completely rebuilt from the ground up, with new textures and character models (though several of the character models may have been imported from Reach.) But is there room for a ten-year-old title on your shelf alongside all the great games that have come out this year?

The answer to that depends on what type of person you are. If you’ve never played a Halo game and are looking for a good jumping in point, then CE Anniversary is a must-buy. If you’re absolutely in love with the CE story and want to play through it again in glorious HD, again, this is a must-own title. If you’re the kind of player who won’t even touch a single-player campaign but will spend dozens of hours in online multiplayer, then this title is a strong “maybe.” But for you, there is a second option. More on that later. The most important thing to know about CE Anniversary is that it’s the exact same campaign you played back in 2001, right down to the positions of the enemies. Only it’s been given an exhaustive graphical makeover to the point you might not even recognize screenshots of it as being from CE. The muddy, blurry textures that were so prevalent at the beginning of the original Xbox’s lifespan have been removed, replaced with much more highly detailed ones. To top it off, bland landscapes have been filled with ferns and other sundry types of vegetation, giving you the impression that this is a world that lives and breathes. Character models have been given an overhaul as well; the Covenant, Flood, and even the Marines have new life, and the grunts in particular look suspiciously like those found in Reach. Now, the reason the aesthetic is so important here is that, ten years ago, Halo completely blew us away with its atmosphere. The fact that we weren’t on Earth was apparent everywhere we looked, from the strange ring shape of the world itself