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iPhone/iPod: UniWar

UniWar is a turn based strategy game. Just like most other strategy games out there, there’s multiple maps, multiple races, and several units to choose from when doing battle.

Each unit has different speeds, different strengths and different weaknesses, check out the screenshot below for an idea of what I’m talking about.

The gameplay itself is actually quite impressive to me. With all the strengths and weaknesses of each race and each unit, it could take awhile to learn and master this game. Of course it’s not as conprhensive and PC based strategy games, but for an iPhone game, it’s definantly something of value.

One of the cool things about this game is it’s multiplayer. Not just with your friends and family, but internationally through the UniWar network. You can join or setup game on their network, and when paired up with another player, you take turns one at a time. The only addition they need for this is push notifications to let the users know when it’s their turn. Sometimes a players turn can take days, but when creating a game, you can choose to set the time it takes for each turn to be one of the following; 3 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 1 Hour, 12 Hours, 1 Day, or 3 Days.

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iPhone/iPod: Zenonia

If your in the mood for a good classic on-the-fly RPG then Zenonia is perfect for you if your an iPhone or iPod touch owner.

The game takes place in the land of Zenonia, your name; Regret. It’s a quest based RPG where the quests are styled exactly like World of Warcraft. Quest holders have a gold exclamation point over their heads, when you accept the quest, it turns into a grey question mark. When you have completed the quest it becomes a gold question mark. There’s several side quests along the way as well as the quests to complete the story line.

You have 3 job classes to choose from; Paladin, Warrior, and Assassin. The graphics are that of old school SNES Zelda, so you will defiantly get that classic old school RPG style feel.

Zenonia has hundreds and hundreds of weapons and items, and as you do quests and grind your way through the games story line, there’s several different pieces of weapons and armor you can find and buy, not to mention there is 5 different item classes; Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, and Epic. Unlike most classic RPG’s, each weapon looks different on your character, and upgrades come frequently enough to keep you sucked in and looking forward to that next piece.

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Arkham Asylum Review

arkham I spent the weekend completing Batman: Alcoholics Anonymous…err.. Arkham Asylum. I even went through and 100% it as well. And all I can say is this game is a hair shy of perfection.

The story is based around the capture and return of the Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill.) to Arkham Asylum. Batman (Voiced by Kevin Conroy.) accompanies him through the halls of Arkham during the opening credits. Once they reach a checkpoint the guards inform Batman that they have it all under control and he can’t enter. Reluctantly, The Batman sits back and watches the guards take him away. It isn’t too long before Joker makes his move. Knocking out the guards and making it passed the high security gates with the help if Harley Quinn (Voiced by Arleen Sorkin.) who has already stealthfully taken control of Arkham. This is where the game begins.

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Touch KO Review

Touch KO is a boxing game for the iPhone/iTouch platform released by Chillingo. A developer that has already released a laundry list of games into the App Store. Many of which are very good. Such as Zen Bound, MiniGore, iDracula and Bike or Die. Amongst many other titles. Luckily this game sites comfy in the good category of this studios list of games.

The game, if you couldn’t guess. Is boxing (shock shock). The flow of the game is smooth with no confusing parts or need to sit and configure a bunch of stuff. My opinion. This is important for portable games. If the game is too in depth it loses it’s appeal as a pick up and play title that you would site and play while waiting somewhere or just a quick time waster. Mobile games, in America anyways. Should stay simple and quick. I say America because As I observed in Japan. There train rides can be very long and a quick easy game just doesn’t cut it.
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Who ya gonna call?. Ghostbusters Review!

ghostbusters Yeah, it’s another one of those movie games. We all cringe, and die a little inside when we see these on the store shelf. Seeing our favorite films boiled down to the most retarded gaming experience any sloth missing a toe could defeat.. if he didn’t get bored with it first. What makes studios do these things?.. seems like every movie coincides with some dreadful game. Iron Man movie? Rocked. Iron Man game? Boring as all hell. The Matrix? fantastic flick.. the following game Enter the Matrix?. glitchy and broken. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?. OK movie. The game?.. especially the PSP version?. I died a little inside, deep down where I’m soft and gentle.

So when Ghostbusters was announced in 2007 to be in development by a studio called Zootfly. I wasn’t impressed. sure, My interested perked up a little bit, but it quickly subsided as I remembered nearly every single Movie based game EVER… excluding 2. Chronicles of Riddick, and Spiderman 2. I didn’t have much faith that this game would do much more than suck lots of meat.

What makes this one any different?. Lots, and I’ll tell you.

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Crackdown meets Biohazard……..sorta

So generally the first thing I look at in a new game is, how much like an older game is it. Immediately Prototype struck me as a Crackdown/Devil May Cry/Biohazard/Mirrors Edge rip-off, but boy was I mistaken. It’s not too often that I am completely blown away by a game, but this was one that did exactly that.

So short version of the story goes, you play as Alex Mercer. The game begins 16 days after a military virus (original huh?) is unleashed in Penn Square on Manhattan Island. You have all your powers which randomly shift throughout the beginning scenes to give you a bit of a sneak peak at what is to come. The street is littered with zombie like creatures called Infected, and some big nasty guys called Hunters. So you hack and slash your way through the opening bit until you realise, this game was written/produced/directed by Quiten Tarintino. After seeing all your cool powers, you are ripped back in time to the beginning of the outbreak. Much like the beginning of Shadowrun, you start off not knowing who you are, why you are, and wth is going on with these mutations your body is going through……..

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Rock Band: Unplugged Review

rock-band-unplugged-ss-02 Oh Harmonix. Will you ever forgive me for doubting your abilities as a developer of awesome games. I was wrong baby.. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Do I have to sleep on the couch again?

When I first heard there was going to be a Rock Band on the PSP, I instantly got horrific like flashes of a world where Harmonix has turned into Activision.. and Harmivison was raping the Rock Band franchise. I cried a little. How was Harmonix going to possibly do Rock Band any justice if there are no plastic instruments?. that’s not right!

But once I heard it was going to be like Frequency.. I felt more at ease, and that nightmares ended… well, at least the ones about harmivision. I still dream about Giant crabs with penny loafers smoking a Slimjim like a cigar. (what does that nightmare mean?!)
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