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E3 2012: Day one thoughts.

Well, after calling around, trying to figure out if going home would fix anything. (it won’t, I’m completely out of a job…)  and after calling the Airline to try and get my ticket changed without having to pay a bunch more. (I would have.)  I’m stuck here… I was set to just sit in my hotel room and wait for the 17th to come.  My heart still isn’t entirely in this.. and I’m thinking of maybe just going home tomorrow.  It’s kind of that bad.

But, I went through the whole day at E3, played a lot of things and took a lot of pictures of videos, trying to keep my spirits up.  Here as some of the results.  First up.

Rock Band 3:




They opened up playing the keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, and 3 singers.  That is 7 people.  They explained that when more than 4 people are playing, vocals switch to just a karaoke mode to get passed the limit of having more than 4 controllers hooked up at a time (something the 360 can’t do.)  The mics sync up, but don’t use controllers, they are joined in automatically when they are present.
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