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Right now, Sony is demonstrating there motion control system consisting of 2 control “sticks”. The first demo was a combat style mini game. From this demo, the controls and motion sensing seems pretty responsive and precise. It was impressive. There next demo was table tennis. Where the person playing was using quicker motions. From this. You can see that the resonsiviness wasn’t quite as good as the combat game they showed before. It was still pretty good though. And seemed a little quicker than the Wii’s motion controls.

The other games demonstrated where a street brawler that used both controls as fists. And mimicked your punches and swings. The responsiviness looked good. The game was detailed. Hopefully it was still early. Because it looks kindof barren of content.

The next bit they showed was of how easy the controls can be shoehorned into games already in development and beat release. They showed Socom4 using the “Move” controls. This demonstration was “ok”. The game was choppy and you didn’t get a good look at how the controls where actually being used.

Finally, the showed off how well the controls can be encoded into games already out with a demo of a LIttle Big Planet level that required 2 people. One controls objects in the game. While the other player was Sackboy and going through the level. This was a very basic way of implementing the Move controls. But, it looked like it was well done and could add a nice element of gameplay.

The while demonstration of the control system was good. But. The fact the Sony is basically pulling a “me-too” to Nintendo it wasn’t quite as impressive. Still looked like a solid start though. Guess a hands on would be in order.

Mega Man 10 announced

image957336071.jpgThe Bew Nintendo Power broke news that Mega Man is getting a 10th installment. No, not “X”. Which is up to 8.. Which… Could either be 18.. Or.. 80. Depending how you look at it *scratches head in confusion of all the Mega Man games*

Moving on. Mega Man 10 will be another return to classic sidescrolling much like Mega Man 9 was last year. That.. And there will apparently be a “Sheep Man” is all we know right now. We’ll keep you updated as news comes by.

No More Heroes 2 headed to PS3 and 360

image401417022.jpgThe critically acclaimed, but commercial flop “No More Heroes” apparently got just enough sales to warrant a sequel. The sequel will be a Wii exclusive still. But the original game will be headed to the 360 and PS3 around the same time the sequel drips next year. So far. It’s only slated for Japan. The port will have a few new features. One, advanced difficulty, another is sluttier girls (no. Seriously) and. I’m just assuming, but. Better graphics? Higher resolutions? Guess we’ll see huh?

Wii to start offering demos

image167592784.jpgYep. Nintendo, later this month. Will begin Making demos of some of it’s WiiWare titles as a test run.

Following Nintendo’s plummet from there ivory tower of year over year profit since the Wii and DS where first released. Nintendo will begin dipping into the 360 and PS3 pool a little more to try and refill the ink on there money printers.

DJ Hero DLC is ‘spensive

image1421456749.jpgYeah. Just boot up your Wii60 or PS3 and take a gander at the prices. While Guitar Hero and Rock Band tracks range from 1-2 dollars. dJ Hero only sells songs in 2 packs at 5.99 to 7.99 range. That’s a hefty increase.

I know exactly why too. They have to pay for 2 songs to make one through mash-ups and hire someone to do it. But. Still. As a customer. That’s a bit too high for
My blood.

The Who gets own Rock Band Game?….

image739330683.jpgSo… Leader singer of the Who, Roger Daltrey let it slip during an interview that Harmonix will be releasing a Who:Rock Band.

Woopity fucking doo…

Ok, I am starting to have an issue with this. Beatles was cool. I’m glad they got a respectable treatment from the kings of music games. But The Who? Yeah there legends as well, but… Enough if the band specific games. I slammed Activision for pulling this crap and I’ll slam Harmonix for it too. The Who have alteady had Rock Band DLC. why not just have more?

Whatever. Harmonix. Just say no.