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Pewdiepie: His Haters Are His Money Makers

A few days ago, YouTube’s biggest star PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, posted a video with an astounding declaration. At 50 million subscribers, he claimed, he would delete his channel. That amount by the way, is one never reached on YouTube. When the video was uploaded the subscriber count for the channel around 48 million. Die hard fans of video game streamer cried out in terror, while those who feel a man making millions for playing video games on the internet is an absurd notion cried out in delight. Could it happen? Would it happen? The internet lost its collective mind waiting to find out. So did it?

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Steam In-Home Streaming Preview

SteamStreamSteam has really been swinging for the fences as of late, some swings have been homeruns (Summer sales, linux & mac support, family sharing) while some have been long flyers that eventually foul out (I’m looking squarely at you, Early Access,) and some are still in beta and have yet to be fully realized such as SteamOS and In-home Steaming.  Since I don’t want to bother wiping one of my computers to install SteamOS, which in and of itself is limited to what games it supports I decided to give the In-home Streaming a shot.
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You spilled GTA4 in my Web Browser!

Wow.. This looks amazing. This guy is playing Grand Theft Auto 4 within a simple web browser. The game isn’t requiring a fancy expensive card, lots of RAM or CPU or anything, it’s all being rendered live on the server or “Cloud” that he has his Web Browser pointed at.

While he explains there is a little bit of lag, it’s not bad, but frantic FPS games like Unreal Tournament 3 or Counter Strike or something it could be a bit more noticeable. This demonstration is truly mind boggling. But, Lets think about what obviously must be happening behind the scheme

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