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The Last Guardian chugs on non-Pro

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?  I was really worried this was going to happen and it did–albeit much sooner than I expected–but it does look as if The Last Guardian, the much anticipated spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus,  simply does run well on the original PS4, dipping as low as 10fps in some instances. Dipping below 25fps can be a frequent occurrence though according to Digital Foundry:

Although 30fps is nearly rock stable when using a PS4 Pro, that is only when playing in 1080p which isn’t an option in-game.  You’ll have to manually change your Ps4 Pro’s output resolution from the main menu…what a freaking hassle, but if you decide you want to actually use the PS4 Pro for what its entire reason for existing is, 4K gaming, than you’ll have to live with worse performance in some instances than the original PS4 running at 1080p.

Seriously.  I just want to reiterate how dumb this mid-life upgrade was.  How does a game that started development back on the PS3 not run at even 30fps on the “next-next” gen system?…

The Last of Us Part II Trailer Revealed at Sony Experience


All aboard the hype train! Today at the Sony Experience 2016 event, developer Naughty Dog announced a sequel to the massively popular 2013 title The Last of Us. Part II, as its being called, is still early in development according to Creative Director Neil Druckmann. Fans did get a glimpse at what’s to come however in a trailer featuring a slightly older Ellie playing a somber tune on an acoustic guitar.

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PS4 drops Nov. 15th, 32 other countries by holidays

That sexy beast
That sexy beast

According to Slashgear the PS4 is gearing up to drop int he US and US territories on Nov. 14th with no date in site for the Xbox One as of yet.  Is this another ballsy move by Sony or maybe they jumped the gun and now allows Microsoft to drop earlier and try and snag a holiday lead.

We can kind of make a guesstimation that the Xbox one is going to drop in Nov. as well given the details we know like the fact that many publishers and even Amazon are allowing Season Pass migration on games like CoD: Ghost and Battlefield 4.  Both are set to release on current gen systems Nov. 5th and Oct 29, respectively.  We can guess that allowing for Season Pass migration on those titles means the xbox One’s release won’t be too far off.