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Gentlemen, We can rebuild him [the PS3]: Pt.1

2012-03-01 08.24.11




Cue the *whoawhoawhoawhoa* jumping sound of the Six-Million Dollar Man!.

In case you can’t tell what that is over there to the left.  That is the Motherboard of my 1st generation CECHA model 60GB Playstation 3.  It’s a beautiful and gut wrenching sight, isn’t it?  You may be asking yourself: “Why, for all that is holy or unholy, would you rip apart such a beast, such a monument to modern gaming, you monster.”  And I will respond with: “That’s hurtful… *sad face*”  But I digress; the reason I took apart my PS3 was to bring it back from the brink of death.

I’m going to go through some of the things I did and how I took it apart to hopefully help others with the older model PS3’s in keeping their systems from uncertain death.  While the PS3 didn’t have the same failure rate as the launch day Xbox360 models, it was still a hot running system that had it’s share of deaths.  While Microsoft kind of manned up and handed out a 3-year warranty, The PS3 kept it’s 1yr warranty.  What muddies the situation for PS3 owners is the fact that Sony will not repair these older consoles.  If you are outside of the warranty, and frankly, if it’s a “fat” model, you are.  You will be forced to pay a $150 fee to get a replacement or full price at a store.  That replacement will be a slim model, no if’s and’s or but’s.

Saving these majestic creatures is our only hope for a rich and fulfilling future for our children and our children’s children.


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N4L: DLConspiracy



With the rise of high-speed interconnection in today’s consoles. We’ve been given a theoretical unlimited amount of play to our favorite games. Not only can we get new cars in racers, but whole new adventures in other games. New weapons. Even overall enhancement in the form of better visuals, audio, and better controls.

Along those lines. We’re also given a quick and easy way of renting or buying movies to watch instantly from our homes. And even now, we are getting the chance to buy full games from the comfort of our couches. We can then send friends a message and invite them to watch the movie we just bought or rented and chat with them while watching it. All from our cozy homes.

Truly. This generation of gaming has made the biggest leap technologically speaking. Other systems may have tried these forms of Internet connectability (Genesis X-Band, Dreamcast. PS2). But they never reached the always on, always connected feel and easy of use that the newest systems have today. The ability to download demos, themes, music, movies, updates for games, enhancements, add-ons. Etc etc. The list goes on. All this is at a price though…

How much are you willing to spend?

How much as you willing to give up?

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E3 2012: Day one thoughts.

Well, after calling around, trying to figure out if going home would fix anything. (it won’t, I’m completely out of a job…)  and after calling the Airline to try and get my ticket changed without having to pay a bunch more. (I would have.)  I’m stuck here… I was set to just sit in my hotel room and wait for the 17th to come.  My heart still isn’t entirely in this.. and I’m thinking of maybe just going home tomorrow.  It’s kind of that bad.

But, I went through the whole day at E3, played a lot of things and took a lot of pictures of videos, trying to keep my spirits up.  Here as some of the results.  First up.

Rock Band 3:




They opened up playing the keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, and 3 singers.  That is 7 people.  They explained that when more than 4 people are playing, vocals switch to just a karaoke mode to get passed the limit of having more than 4 controllers hooked up at a time (something the 360 can’t do.)  The mics sync up, but don’t use controllers, they are joined in automatically when they are present.
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Skyrim Review


“I used to be an adventurer just like you, then I took an arrow to the knee”

How many times have you read that meme and just wanted to kill yourself? Seriously It’s been done to death and now even hearing it during gameplay I wanted to shove an arrow in my ears just so I won’t have to listen to it, but that’s just me. The same person who barely slept more than 3 hours a day and became a troll hiding under my blanket trying to achieve the 100% Platinum trophy for this game. In other words if you value your life, your family & friends, your health then don’t ever buy this game, EVER! It will take over your life because of how good it is. So without further ado, let’s get this review on the road, Arrow in the knee style~

“ReverEND Note: This game was played over all 3 platforms by 3 separate players. Each one will pinpoint some of the finer details that each version offers or some downfalls that one platform may have over another.”


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Idle-Handz at E3

image766228002.jpgThat is right. My little gaming site will be coveraging E3 live in Los Angeles June 15th thru the 17th.

This is going to be a tall order to fill as I am only one man, going up against teams..nay!…Gangs..NO!… Armies! Of journalists working for other sites. But, I’ll do my best.. I’m going to try and setup a live feed for the major events. Alongside taking lots of pictures, interviews (hopefully) and so on.

From now until E3, updates may he a little slow as I prepare for my journey. Still, keep coming back. I’ll try and post the most important news until then.

3D for PS3 will be less stellar

So, news as come out about how Sony is going to be pulling off 3D gaming with the ps3.

The Answer?

Killing resolution and/or detail.

With Wipeout HD, the game runs at a silky smooth 1080p/60fps. (many sites have stated 60hz. Which I believe is wrong. And common sense would further prove this fact as I explain)
So, what Sony is doing. Is dropping the resolution to 720p and bringing the frameste down from 60 to 30fps. Which. Really isn’t THAT bad for the 3D trade off. (if it was 30hz as all other sites state. It would not be logical to run in 3D. Since 3D requires at least 100hz to be comfortable. You can play at 60 or even 30hz. But playing at 60hz is not comfortable. And 30hz is even less and causes eye strain and headaches.)

For the more detailed and straining games, like Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. Which already run at 720p. The game will run at the lower detail level that it runs at when in splitscreen. Which…is a little sad. But. Might be worth the tradeoff.

My worry is for some other games they are claiming will get 3D. Killzone 2? Man. How much are they going to have to cripple that game to get it working decently? A shiny silver lining is that these are retrofitting 3D. And programming a game for 3D from the beginning may not yield such harsh deficits. Guess we shall see. Hmm?

Sony pushes out 3.21 for PS3..beware!

The newest firmware release does absolutely nothing, but remove a feature of older ps3’s. If you own a slim. This feature means nothing to you. If you where one of the few with a “phat” model (that could truly do everything!) this update removes your ability to install a different OS.

If you haven’t heard. The original ps3’s could bot only play ps1 AND ps2 games, had a memory card reader, abd more USB ports. It also allowed you to install linux and use your ps3 as a Linux machine. This update remves that ability. Why? Because this ability, apparently, is vital in hacking your ps3 and allowing unsigned code to run (IE, homebrew or copies.).

The infamous iPhone hacker Geohotz has written up a letter to Sony stating how disaapointing there move is. And asks the community to wait on updating, he is looking for a way to allow firmware updates without losing this ability.