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N4L: DLConspiracy



With the rise of high-speed interconnection in today’s consoles. We’ve been given a theoretical unlimited amount of play to our favorite games. Not only can we get new cars in racers, but whole new adventures in other games. New weapons. Even overall enhancement in the form of better visuals, audio, and better controls.

Along those lines. We’re also given a quick and easy way of renting or buying movies to watch instantly from our homes. And even now, we are getting the chance to buy full games from the comfort of our couches. We can then send friends a message and invite them to watch the movie we just bought or rented and chat with them while watching it. All from our cozy homes.

Truly. This generation of gaming has made the biggest leap technologically speaking. Other systems may have tried these forms of Internet connectability (Genesis X-Band, Dreamcast. PS2). But they never reached the always on, always connected feel and easy of use that the newest systems have today. The ability to download demos, themes, music, movies, updates for games, enhancements, add-ons. Etc etc. The list goes on. All this is at a price though…

How much are you willing to spend?

How much as you willing to give up?

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N64 kid gets a “Web Redemption”

image715251924.jpgYes. One of the internets first celebrities. The N64 kidis getting his revengeRedemption.

If you haven’t seen Tosh.0 starring the hilarious Daniel Tosh. I highly suggest you check it out. But, coming up in the next episode. Tosh will be giving the N64 kid a Web Repemption to redeem his embarassing and funny reaction to recieving the gaming community equavalent of a Red Headed Step Child

it’s ok Dead Space:Extraction. At least you’ve got me!

image752434680.jpgSo, anybody pick up The very good Dead Space:Extraction for the Wii? The one that was built to capitalize on the Wii’s exotic play style from the ground up? The one with a good story and, although rail based, unique gameplay?… The best looking Wii game out right now!? Did any of you!!

Well, you’re probably all liars! Way to go liar.

NPD dropped some pretty sad news about how many units of DS:E actually sold in September. And that magic number is 9,000. Only 9k copies of Dead Space Extraction sold last month.

Let’s put that into prospective. The truly terrible “Game Party 2” for the Wii was released last October 6th (2008) and has sold over 1million units. If we break that down per month. It’s sold around 83,333 units per month! That…is… Disgusting.

PEOPLE! Stop buying crap and you will learn to appreciate video games!! If you keep buying crap. I swear we will end up in another Video Game Crash like Atari caused in the 80’s! Do you want that!?