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The Last of Us Part II Trailer Revealed at Sony Experience


All aboard the hype train! Today at the Sony Experience 2016 event, developer Naughty Dog announced a sequel to the massively popular 2013 title The Last of Us. Part II, as its being called, is still early in development according to Creative Director Neil Druckmann. Fans did get a glimpse at what’s to come however in a trailer featuring a slightly older Ellie playing a somber tune on an acoustic guitar.

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N4L: DLConspiracy



With the rise of high-speed interconnection in today’s consoles. We’ve been given a theoretical unlimited amount of play to our favorite games. Not only can we get new cars in racers, but whole new adventures in other games. New weapons. Even overall enhancement in the form of better visuals, audio, and better controls.

Along those lines. We’re also given a quick and easy way of renting or buying movies to watch instantly from our homes. And even now, we are getting the chance to buy full games from the comfort of our couches. We can then send friends a message and invite them to watch the movie we just bought or rented and chat with them while watching it. All from our cozy homes.

Truly. This generation of gaming has made the biggest leap technologically speaking. Other systems may have tried these forms of Internet connectability (Genesis X-Band, Dreamcast. PS2). But they never reached the always on, always connected feel and easy of use that the newest systems have today. The ability to download demos, themes, music, movies, updates for games, enhancements, add-ons. Etc etc. The list goes on. All this is at a price though…

How much are you willing to spend?

How much as you willing to give up?

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God of War 3 Demo impressions

image1760217387.jpgAs many may know. District 9 releases today. If you are a ps3 owner. There is Zero reason not to get the blu-Ray version. You have even less than zero reason actually because with the blu-Ray version comes a copy of the E3 God of War 3 Demo. Being an insominac I picked up District 9 already and have run through GOW3 a couple times and will now preview the demo. And after having to sit through a 13-minute install process. Here we go.

The demo intros onto a cliff cobble road where villagers are being run after be demon/undead soldiers. This is where you take control of Kratos. Controls are pretty identical to the other GOW games. Triangle is heavy attack. Square is light attack. Circle is grapple. X is jump. Left stick controls kratos while the right makes him dodge.

Presentation so far. As far as a demo can present. It reminded me ALOT of the others. Much to the point that I, for a second, thought it was just an updated version of the PSP copy! But. Yon some play. That feeling changed. While it does feel extremely similar. Graphically it is far superior. The lighting is good, textures are cery detailed, the amount of gore is grand!, Which you would expect from a next-gen title. In the demo. You get 3 weapons and a head. Yeah. A head. Which lights a path and reveals secret areas.

The weapons in the demo are. Of course. His chained blades. A bow. And a set of giant metal gaunlets. So far. The blades feel pretty much the same. Same combos. The gauntlets don’t feel feel as useful. Far too slow. And don’t seem to do enough damage for the speed trade off.

Another new play element portrayed in the demo is the use of grappling. Sure “throws” where present in the others. But grappling is a different story. You can grab guys and use them as battering rams. You can grapple from a distant. Etc. Very useful.

All in all. Fans will love it. From the impression I get from the demo. People who didn’t like the first 2 for whatever reason. Won’t like this one. It feels very similar to the other games and, from the demo, again. Doesn’t seem like it will offer any innovative new gameplay.

To summarize. Fans will LOVE this. People who didn’t like the other games probably won’t find much new in this one to change there mind. I for one. Can’t wait to play the real deal

No More Heroes 2 headed to PS3 and 360

image401417022.jpgThe critically acclaimed, but commercial flop “No More Heroes” apparently got just enough sales to warrant a sequel. The sequel will be a Wii exclusive still. But the original game will be headed to the 360 and PS3 around the same time the sequel drips next year. So far. It’s only slated for Japan. The port will have a few new features. One, advanced difficulty, another is sluttier girls (no. Seriously) and. I’m just assuming, but. Better graphics? Higher resolutions? Guess we’ll see huh?

Call of Duty to get ANOTHER developer

image395921133.jpgWith Modern Warfare 2 being. Oh, the LARGEST release event ever. (no really, it earned more money opening day then any other media event. Besting the Final Harry Potter book, The Dark Knight movie, etc etc.). I guess it’s understandable that Activision would want MORE!.. So. There is news going around that they will be adding a third developer to the franchise. With Infinity Ward (Call of Duty 1 and 2. And Modern Warfare 1 and 2.) and Treyarch (Call of Duty 3, and World and War.)

They’ve had internal talks about a possible MMO based on Call of Duty. Hmm.. That cod be interesting if done right.