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Tweet Announces Lego City Undercover Coming to New Consoles in Spring


7 a.m. today, Lego tweeted that the long time Wii U exclusive, Lego City Undercover will be getting released on all current generation consoles, including PC and the yet to be released Nintendo Switch. It was then retweeted by the team that made the game an hour later, oddly enough.

Personally I’m very excited to hear the news. As an avid fan of the Lego gaming franchise this game has been my white whale. Idle-Hands will report any new information as it comes to light.

TitanFall PC Impressions

Well, I was able to snag a Titanfall beta code…about a day before they just opened it up to everybody. But, that is usually how it goes now doesn’t it?  I figured I would give my initial impressions as a level 7, indicating I’ve played for a few hours at least.  It’s hard to cram all the time I want into the game given my life schedule, but I’m trying.  The first thing I’m reminded of while playing this is Call of Duty, which is fitting given the studio behind this game was started by the former head of Infinity Ward, the studio that arguably brought CoD into the forefront with the first Modern Warfare.  But enough about that, let’s dig into Titanfall and how it feel on the PC?

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Rage on PC is a good word to describe RAGE on the PC

I just wanted to give a quick timeline of what I have been dealing with on Rage for the PC. I understand that Rage on the console is a different beast and has been getting pretty above average reviews and I can’t comment on those personally as I have not played the console version. I’m basing this all from a PC users perspective.


With that out of the way it’s been way more trouble than I’ve had with a PC game in ages. While Deux Ex: Human Revolution had it’s issues, all those were cleared up within an hour by updating my DirectX runtimes, and updating my video drivers. Problems solved. Rage was simply a train wreck on it’s PC launch, and still isn’t up to the same standard of it’s console brethren. Here is a rundown of what I can remember;

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Skyrim Review


“I used to be an adventurer just like you, then I took an arrow to the knee”

How many times have you read that meme and just wanted to kill yourself? Seriously It’s been done to death and now even hearing it during gameplay I wanted to shove an arrow in my ears just so I won’t have to listen to it, but that’s just me. The same person who barely slept more than 3 hours a day and became a troll hiding under my blanket trying to achieve the 100% Platinum trophy for this game. In other words if you value your life, your family & friends, your health then don’t ever buy this game, EVER! It will take over your life because of how good it is. So without further ado, let’s get this review on the road, Arrow in the knee style~

“ReverEND Note: This game was played over all 3 platforms by 3 separate players. Each one will pinpoint some of the finer details that each version offers or some downfalls that one platform may have over another.”


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Alien vs Predator banned down under

image2108408424.jpgWell. Much like they did with Left 4 Dead 2. The Australian government isn’t too fond of Alien vs. Predator set to be released for the 360, Ps3 and PC. They have banned the game from Being seen by Audtralian eyes.

Rebellion… Living up to there name. Stated “We will not be releasing a sanatized version for countries who don’t think there adult citizens can make there own entertainment choices”. SNAP!!

Left4Dead2 Aussie Controversy

image1360875395.jpgIn case you missed it. Left 4 Dead 2 was released earlier this week. I won’t blame you if you did miss it since Modern Warfare 2 dominated everything in it’s wake.

With this sequel came lots of new weapons, new lead characters, levels. And several new uncommon and special zombies. In addition to all this. The sequel brought a bump in the gore factor! At least in America…

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Borderlands = Epic Win

image1880068940.jpgWell well, look at this.

When the great Mirrors Edge and the even better Dead Space where released last year to slow, lukewarm sales and average reviews. It was speculated that original IP’s where unwanted. Even though the gaming community where buzzing and clamouring for these games. And new game in general. It’s nice to see that a good, original IP is making waves.

Gearbox, developer of Borderlands says that the new IP is the fastest selling new IP of 2009. While PC number haven’t been released. Console numbers for the game have broke the millions which is a nice start.

Gearbox has already said a sequel is a no brainer. They are also set to release “Zombie Island of Dr.Ned” is the coming weeks for PS3 and 360. And a PC release will follow after that. With at least one more DLC next year probably.