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The Last of Us Part II Trailer Revealed at Sony Experience


All aboard the hype train! Today at the Sony Experience 2016 event, developer Naughty Dog announced a sequel to the massively popular 2013 title The Last of Us. Part II, as its being called, is still early in development according to Creative Director Neil Druckmann. Fans did get a glimpse at what’s to come however in a trailer featuring a slightly older Ellie playing a somber tune on an acoustic guitar.

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Uncharted 3 Review


2 Years after the heavily Acclaimed [Uncharted 2: Among Thieves], Uncharted 3 came back with a lot of flare. Of course I’m not just talking about the Douchebag that is called Drake, but a continuation to the epic story of how he aimlessly runs without thinking and getting everyone who still supports him and care about him to their certain doom. It’s like he’s making Kratos look more like a nice person & yes we might argue and say Kratos is the bigger and better D-Bag is this scenario, but at least he did this alone out of vengeance. I mean come on! Sully is getting old & even the girls want him to slow down and just stop. Does he listen? NOOOOOO! What does he care about? being the person with the Douchier comments and not-so-whitty comebacks.

Sorry about my stupid rant, I just really hate the way he acts but that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes you care a lot about the characters. Be it the Douche-Bag or the fatherfigure or just random characters you encounter. That is what makes me really love this game so lets get this show on the road! This is what games should be from now on.

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