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Pewdiepie: His Haters Are His Money Makers

A few days ago, YouTube’s biggest star PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, posted a video with an astounding declaration. At 50 million subscribers, he claimed, he would delete his channel. That amount by the way, is one never reached on YouTube. When the video was uploaded the subscriber count for the channel around 48 million. Die hard fans of video game streamer cried out in terror, while those who feel a man making millions for playing video games on the internet is an absurd notion cried out in delight. Could it happen? Would it happen? The internet lost its collective mind waiting to find out. So did it?

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Left Handed Gamer mouse from Razer

image1500199872.jpgFor all us South Pawers (Yes, I am, predominately left handed.). Who haven’t adapted to using our right hands to mouse with Razer finally got our backs. Releasing the DeathAdder Leftie Edition. Basically the exact same mouse as the Regular mouse, except it’s molded for lefties. You may be asking “Why not the Mamba!? Or the Lachesis!?”. Well, because the Mamba is probably too much to warrant the lack of sales it would get. And the Lachesis is kindof a bad mouse…in terms of Razer of course. The Deathadder us there best all around mouse! Do it was a good choice.

Here are the specs:

Ergonomic left-hand design
3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor
1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response
Five independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
On-The-Fly Sensitivity(tm) adjustment
Always-On(tm) mode
Ultra-Large non-slip buttons
16-bit ultra-wide data path
60-120 inches per second and 15g of acceleration
Zero-Acoustic Ultraslick(tm) Teflon(C) feet
Gold-Plated USB connector
Seven-Foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable
Approx. size in mm: 128(L) x 70(W) x 42.5(H)

Street Fighter 4 for iPhone Reviewed

image1561086170.jpgWho else thought this wasn’t a good idea? I know I didn’t. And I didn’t have much faith in Capcom given there other games on the iPhone have been less than stellar… I’m looking in your direction Mega Man 2.. You half baked, poorly programmed. Choppy piece of crap.

So, Street Fighter 4…. I wasn’t looking forward to you much at all. Glad you proved me mostly wrong.

You start the game, flip the phone (like many..many iPhone games) and your greeted with the same look, sound and feel of the console versions. You get Solo Play, which consists of Tournament mode, Dojo, Training Room and Practice. You also get Versus, which allows for Bluetooth head to head fighting, “Invite a friend” which sends an email telling your friends about sf4. And you get “Special” which is just footage of special moves.

Also in the top are little buttons. A question mark which just tells you about everything. And a gear. Which is options. The standard fair of options for a mobile device. Except the controls. The controls are extremely customizable which is very nice. You can move individual buttons anywhere on the screen and change the transparency of the controls. Big kudos for those options.

Going into Tournament is just like in the arcade and console. You fight through the selection of fighters until it ends. Simple as that. So let’s get down to the meat: How is it?!

First, we select a character. This is a bit disappointing. There are only 8 selectable characters and the selection kindof sucks. Ken and Ryu (naturally). Aden, Chun Li, Dhalsim (really?… Dhalsim!?) Blanka, M.Bison and E.Honda. I have a problem with this. They only have one of the 4 new characters, don’t have a few of the more dynamic characters. (ShenLong, Seth.) or even the most overall used character (Sagat.). To top all that, once you beat the game. You get a video of the new Jun character…who isn’t playable. Fighting Chun Li and Cammy…who also isn’t playable. That’s stupid. I know they are advertising for SUPER coming out for the consoles. But still.

Once we pick from the anemic list of characters. You start the match. This is the most important part of the game. And it fairs pretty well! The controls are responsive and feel pretty good at there default position. But the ability to move the buttons, Should help further.
Pulling off special moves is, for the most part. Isn’t a terrible situation. Granted, it isn’t a guarantee. The revenge moves are the ones that are harder to pull of. And so far. I have not been able to do a super move. EX moves are pretty easy since there is a “SP” button that you can press instead of P(unch) and K(ick) once you have a full segment in your super bar.

Graphically, it’s very nice looking. The 3D emcharacters are all Pre-rendered. Which is ok as they look very good. Some characters aren’t animated as fluidly as others. And it shows. But only Dhalsim…so no big lose. Backgrounds are static 2D images and are a little low-res. You don’t pay too much attention. But it’s noticable. Capcom could have split development and released this for 3G, while creating a realtime rendered, high-res backdrop version for the 3Gs and newer iTouch.

Sound is great. It sounds much like the real deal. No background music though. But hits, smacks, grunts and fighter voices all sound spot on and high-ish enough quality.

Progression is straight forward, but ends too quickly (remember, only 8 fighters). And the ending is weak. It simply says (congradulations!) and that’s it. It goes back to the menu. There are no unlockables, no hidden characters, nothing. It really is too short and offers little replayablity. The price, for how short it is, feels too high. $9.99.

I guess if you and your friends own the game, the replayability would be far higher. I am basing this on solo play though.

In the end. The game is, is highly polished, very playable, and pretty fun to play. The positives outweigh the negatives. If only there where more characters and some unlockables.

OnLive launching in June

OnLive, the cloud based ganging service that, theoritically, allows you to play even very demanding games on low spec PC’s, thanks to the “cloud” of computers doing all the hard work and streaming there output over your broadband connection allow you to play. It’s basically remote computing…with games.

Well, anyways. This service is launching in June with a price tag of $14.95 a month. The company says they will have an initial offering of about 15-25 games. With such headliners as Assassins Creed 2 abd Mass Effect 2 being only a few of the launch titles.

I an very interested in seeing this. I really hope it works and it’s as flexible as everyone is hoping. It would be crazy to play Mass Effect 2 on a netbook or Grand Theft Auto 4 on…an iPhone. Think about that. It could be possible with this service. Time will tell.