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Pokemon Go Update Confirms Ditto Now in Game



For the last few days all over various internet outlets various posters have claimed to find the as yet unseen in game Pokémon Ditto. Today in an update notice posted to their official site and Twitter page, the rumors have been proven to be true. According to the post, there is a chance after catching a Pokémon in the wild that it will be revealed to be the shape shifter Pokémon Ditto. If the Pokémon is used to fight at a Gym it will copy the appearance, type, and moves of the first Pokémon it sees.

Pokémon Go is free to download and play on both Android and iOS.

N4L: The Freemium Conundrum


candy-crushWith the explosive popularity in smartphones a new arena was born for gaming to spread out onto and show new innovations in areas such as play-style, look, and most disturbingly, new pay models.  While you can still just buy a game right out and play until it’s done, that seems to be the shrinking minority of how publishers are deciding to release their mobile games.  More often these days a game is released in 2 variations, a paid-version which is just the usual method of play.  Buy, play and that is about it, or you can download a free version that is riddled with pop-up ads or or few things that cripple the game such as a slower means of advancing or a limit on advancement.  More like an extended demo then a free version with ads.  The other, more disheartening means of getting a game is called “Freemium” and you essentially get the game for free.  No ads and it’s the full game, most the time there isn’t even any other means of having the game, it’s Freemium or nothing and this is a huge problem that I believe is hurting the very foundation of gaming.
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Asphalt 8: Airborne Review (Android)

Asphalt has been a staple in the mobile gaming market for a long while spanning all the way back into the “dumb” phone era.  Remember those?  Of course you don’t, nobody does.  With each new release, like most any sequels, the developer crams in more things to do: A prettier look with increased textures/polygons or even the intro into 3D, a tweak to the action or sometimes change it entirely, and while several things have been tweaked and changed from the previous version this really isn’t a huge revelation from Asphalt 7.  So, should you bother dropping a gigantic Washington on this?  Should you loosen the purse string and spend ALL that MONEY?  It’s SO MUCH MONEY, isn’t it?

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Would you buy an Android Update?….

In all seriousness: That picture. This guy over at Znet, Mr. James Kendrick, thinks that charging a “small fee” for Android OS updates is a way to fix the Android platforms fragmentation. I know this isn’t gaming related at all, but being a firm believer and user of the Android OS I have to state once again:


With all the mobile OS’s out right now, why would Android, the only open-source OS charging it’s users be the best step? That is the worst idea imaginable. His answer to pirating these paid versions is just as “I can count to Potato!” worthy as well, Hey… just check their Google accounts to see if it says they paid!. Apparently he doesn’t realize the reason piracy is rampant is because people are smart. You think software developers just release their work without any security at all? No, pirates crack open the code and take out all those little checks to make it work. why would you not think that would happen here?

Charging customer for updates is the single worst “solution” to anything, what is going to fix Androids fragmentation is for Google to throw it’s weight around now. With… what, a Billion Android devices out there, Google can easily lay the law down and say. “Alright, now that you all bow at the idle of Green… we have some rules that need to be followed!” enforce stricter update cycle times for Carriers and Handset manufacturers to stick to in order to allow them to keep using Android. And yes, “Allow!” Android is Open Source, the don’t really pay shit for it.

Link for the Lawlz:
How to fix the Android update mess: Paid updates | ZDNet.

Zombie Farm on Android Review.

Oh Zombie Farm. How I adored you on the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc.) When you were first released 3+ years ago. Your quirky take on the Farmville fade that was sweeping Facebook. Your fresh take on an idea I hated from the start. But your new twist of adding Zombies touched on the one spot that could get me to follow along…. Zombies. Well, after 3years of success on the iOS stage, you’ve come over to the big times with Android… You probably should have studied more and done less coke.

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