SteamVR on PSVR?

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psvr-total-30-million-ps4-salesWell that didn’t take very long. According to a Reddit post, the developer of a little VR program called “Trinus” has updated his program to support the PlayStation VR. So what does this actually mean? Well, TrinusVR essentially tells Steam and SteamVR that whatever headset you have plugged in or synced with the TrinusVR server software that your PSVR is now a HTC Vive.

The software has been available for a little while now for Android and iOS and allows GearVR, Google Cardboard, MergeVR, etc. users to mimic a Vive thereby tricking Steam into thinking you can play SteamVR games.

The software only supports basic headtracking (No z-axis tracking, sorry) and keyboard/mouse or controller support, but that is enough for many games on Steam, just make sure to check the requirements that it doesn’t need the motion controls or room scaling.

I used the software with GearVR a bit and while technically impressive, it was slow to track my head movements which caused some discomfort. The developer stated months ago that this was a known issue and was being worked on, but I haven’t used it since so I can’t confirm whether the issue was still present.

If you are interested and have a PSVR, GearVR or even Cardboard, give it a shot!  Link for TrinusVR linked right here.

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