Ridiculous Glitch-ch-ch-ching-ing

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 I hate Flappy birds.  I’m not going to pretend I don’t.  The premise is fine but the use of copywritten  images annoys me on top of the developers misleading reasons for pulling it from the mobile markets, in which he tried to say his conscience got to him *cough cough bullshit cough cough*.  That aside, the gameplay I could see as addicting I just refused to support his version of it.  So when I came across Ridiculous Glitching by FirePunchd I was very intrigued.  First off… No, I’m not annoyed that this game uses pac-man.  For one, the developer isn’t getting $50K a day via ad revenue from STOLEN assets.  It’s a free game with NO-ADS.  Also, it plays out like satire against shittily programmed games full of ads, paywalls and other obstacles and it works brilliantly, with just enough variety to keep my attention, multiple game-modes, 4-player, etc.  It’s very clear that love was put into this and is constantly put into this given it’s been updated with new features and sounds multiple times.

On top of have a clever background for the game, it’s also gorgeous to look at and listen to.  Rich with vibrant, old-school color, imagery, fluid animation and mind-jarring glitching all over the place. Accompanying the seizure inducing visuals is a chip-tune theme song that easily gets stuck in your brain for hours.

Here is a little video I was lucky enough to be recording of me pulling 2nd Place, sorry for the low quality as I was literally testing the streaming without tweaking any settings.  I had JUST downloaded the capture program:

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