PCGamer: Comparing Apples to Grenades

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Man, click bait is great, isn’t it? I mean… you apply an outlandish headline to a boring post which some could even say is just an advertisement, and boom.. REVENUE!  It’s so easy when you lose journalistic integrity…

…we aren’t there quite yet or else I would have titled this something like “You’ll be shocked to learn what PCGamer was caught doing!”

I mean, I’m gonna bold that up there for effect, but I won’t make it the headline, I’m not a monster.

As some of you are aware CES is a thing that happened / is happening.  For those uninitiated it stands for Consumer Technology Association and it’s a big, multi-day event where companies get to show off all the cool stuff they will be (maybe) releasing throughout the new year.  If you’re a gadget or tech lover it’s kindof a big deal.  This years CES will be ending tomorrow with several new things still to come on the final day, but one thing shown off was Nvidia’s, arguably the current leader in desktop gaming video cards (I said it… deal with it,) NEW Shield TV system with 4K HDR and a couple other bells and whistles and fancy new Google assistant integration and it’s all coming to the OLDER model too, as they stated in their keynotes, via a firmware update.  Kindof making the new Shield a moot point as it’s using the same specs (right now)…it’s just smaller.

Ok, cool…what does this actually have to do with PCGamer?

Well…lemme be straight with you.  This is a rant and I’m just going to rant a bit so, if you don’t want to read me slamming PCGamer than click away.  This is your out.

PCGamer’s “article” which you can see here kindof just goes through the motions of telling you “Hey, Nvidia announced a slightly better thing of a thing they made last year.”  Which every. damn. company does now, the yearly refresh.. so… big deal.  The piece even says nothing has really changed except it’s smaller.  It currently uses the same chipset, same RAM amount and drive size.  and it’ll retail for $200 for the base model and $300 for the “Pro.”  So why write an article about an article?  They had the audacity to headline their press release “Nvidia’s new Shield TV is what Steam Link should have been.”

Excuse me while I meme for a second:

DaFuq is that about?

Ok, comparing the Nvidia Shield TV to the Steam Link is LITERALLY like comparing a skateboard to a Ferrari.  A breadstick to a four course steak dinner.  Soulja Boy to Aesop Rock.  While one is serviceable and does a single function well on the CHEAP, the other is a multi-functional, high-class, work of art.  It’s stupid to compare the two and scoff at one become it isn’t the other and you only look stupid for trying it.

The Steam Link streams your desktop to whatever TV it’s hooked up to and that is essentially it.  It’s all it does and it does it well and for $50, even cheaper when it is on sale which is frequently.  The Nvidia Shield TV is an Android based console that plays it’s own games, can be used as a media server, can stream games, and can do whatever an Android mobile/tablet can do…. and it’s $200 at least.

Can you see how it’s dumb to compare them to begin with?  But the article doesn’t even compare them at all, there is NO back and forth or any type of depth or explanation to it’s headline.  SteamLink is never mentioned aside from the headline.  Which tells you exactly why it was titled the way it was:  To get clicks.

It’s a press released disguised as something more and it’s sad.  Step up your game, PCGamer.



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