No Man’s Sky Releases Path Finder Update and I ALMOST Reviewed It

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Hello Games released their 1.2 version of No Man’s Sky today, the Path Finder Update. The update claims, according to the games update page to, introduce planetary vehicles, base sharing, PS4 Pro support, ship/weapon specialization, permadeath mode, and much more. It then goes on to say, “It shows a path for the future.” Does it though?

Maybe the game is finally worth checking out, I thought to myself after reading all that. That does actually sounds like a sizable chunk of content, and it all sounds like additions that would appeal to the type of gaming I like to do. In a weird way I’m sort of fascinated by the fact that they keep adding floors to the house they built on the sand. I mean, there are tons of people who own the game because they bought it on Steam and were denied a refund because their false hope held out for that one more damnable hour than is required for the refund.

To check out the game I would have to first acquire it. I was one of the people who didn’t buy it at launch. I wanted to but something stopped me the week before it was finally, after numerous delays released. It was a question I couldn’t answer, a question I had after I saw the reveal trailer. It was, “what’s the point of this game?”

Studio founder Sean Murray spent hundreds of hours doing press interviews talking about what could happen, but never about what would happen. Interviews about how you could randomly run into space pirates and mine asteroids and on and on, but never WHY I should fight these pirates or mine these asteroids. To get to the center of the universe, was the best answer I could find from all the interviews. Something may or may not be there, or something may or may not happen.  If that’s my goal why not just fly away from any fights? Why stay on any of the zillion planets any longer than needed to make more fuel for my ship? To me pirates in this scenario have gone from enemy to nuisance. I decided to wait to pull the trigger on the games vague promises made by Murray.

Today though, today would be the day. I would review their new content, give the new stuff a fair shake. Since I had never played it I could give it a pair of fresh eyes. Be completely objective. Let the people who still own it know if they should dare to dream or not bother with installing it back on their system. Now those of you who don’t know, most of the games reviewed on this site currently are ones we have purchased with our own money. When great content like this makes us huge super stars in the gaming world the press copies will flow like wine, and the women will instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. Today is not that day, however and if I was going to review this bad boy I would have to reach deep into my wallet and take the Nestea plunge.

“It shouldn’t be that bad,” I told myself. It has been out nearly a year and in that entire time it has been destroyed across any and all forms of media, save perhaps novels. Perhaps that isn’t such a bad idea, No Man’s Sky: A Tale of Lies and Bullshit. So I go to the Steam Store, type it into the search bar and do a spit take.

The game is still 60 dollars. 60 freaking dollars, for a game that is pretty comparable in content to a ton of inexpensive Green Light stuff, say for example Astroneer. A game whose shining achievement was going from overwhelmingly negative to mostly negative reviews. How much is a new console copy I wonder to  myself next? The Gamestop site tells me it is also 60 dollars for a new copy, 25 for a used. Now I could trek up to GameStop and get that used console copy but then I wouldn’t be able to look over the new Steam Workshop content. Also I would have to give money to GameStop which all in all I try to avoid, and I really prefer digital copies now over physical anyway. Also If I get asked if I want to renew my power up card, or pre-order any upcoming releases I’ll scream. I can’t lose a digital copy and Steam is just so much damn easier if you have to build or buy a new PC.

So, you know what? I’m gonna go ahead and review the games new content even thought I didn’t buy the game or play someone else’s copy. I’m also going to break site policy and give it a number rating. I’m going rogue here. 0/10 would not pay 60 dollars for this game. That’s ridiculous. Some games can pull off the no-price-drop approach. Those games are fan favorites like Grand Theft Auto 5 and….. and…. DOOM. DOOM which has won tons of awards, was brilliant and innovative and is constantly adding new free content for its fan base to enjoy. This blew my mind so freaking hard that I wrote more about it than most high schoolers do for a graded essay.

Let me say this one last time to be crystal clear: I wanted to review this content. The new ships and ground vehicles look well-designed and interesting to me, but I cannot justify paying that price. Hello Games has not earned the trust of consumers to ask kind of price. It wasn’t worth 60 dollars when it came out and it sure isn’t worth 60 dollars when it is a year old and there is so much more out there that you can get for the same amount of money. I wanted to love you, No Man’s Sky, I really did, but you make it too damn hard.

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