Nintendo Switch Review

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Should I get one?:

Oh geez.  This might sting.


At least not right now.  Here is the thing;  Zelda: Breath of the Wild is great…it’s a great game, one of the best and easily contender for best of the year…. of all time? no, don’t be stupid.  But it’s on Wii U.  It doesn’t look “quite” as good, but it’s the same exact game.  So that leaves other titles NOT on other systems of which there is only 4:  1,2 Switch and I say don’t bother with that one at all.  FAST rmx which is great, but isn’t a system seller in my opinion, SnipperClips which is a great little coop game, but it’s coop and has no single-player drive, and Super Bomberman R… which is Bomberman like all other Bombermans.

So whats left? Seriously just 12 other games and they are all re-releases from other systems and some at HIGHER PRICES! Just Dance 2017 on other systems can be had new for $24.99 while on Switch it’s $59.99…deferk is dat about?  If we take away the re-released games and count what Nintendo Switch can offer exclusively on itself we have… Four games.  You have four whole reasons to buy this console and none of them scream “You must play me!”

With an upfront cost of $360, (system and game) with a few “almost” required purchases, such as a memory card, carrying case, etc and the near impossibility of actually finding one at the MSRP right now, it’s just not quite worth it YET!… not saying it’s garbage or it will never be worth it.  Just wait for the fever to die down, let some actual exclusives get released on the thing and maybe even some bugs to be worked out at the factory level which a few people have been having; random reboots, orange screens, dead-pixels, controller sync issues and THEN go find one.

DO NOT BUY THESE ABOVE MSRP!!!.  Don’t give those assholes money and don’t give yourself buyers remorse for another tablet you don’t have anything to do anything on that cost $500+ or more.  Just wait.


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