Mario Kills Tanooki |

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What?!. are you high PETA?! Ok, stupid question, sorry. Mario Kills Tanooki is a game on the PETA site and is geared to somehow show and tell you (like the banner beside it stating the same retarded assumption that Mario wearing a Tanooki is telling little kids that it’s OK to wear fur.

Now, I dunno about you, but when I was a kid playing SMB3, I never once thought. “Mario is wearing dead animals, I can too!” No, I was too busy going “HEY!, I can turn into stone and fly in this thing!. Tanookies are awesome!” and then, seriously, 10yrs later I realized a Tanooki was REAL. So, to you PETA, once again…’re dumb.


OOOOOpps, I accidently linked the wrong thing… lolololol.