HTC Vive: In Depth Review

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Verdict and Final Thoughts:

I’m not going to give this experience a numerical value because I don’t think simply slapping a number on something is going to emphasis the importance of trying this for yourself.  Maybe if I said “6/10” because I didn’t like having to screw “lighthouses” into my walls isn’t a big deal to someone else and would even add to the experience for them.  I will say I believe this is something that everyone should try at the very least because when this thing is running like a well-oiled machine you truly do get lost in the moment.  There have been many instances where I would feel ill from looking over a cliff, duck under a low hanging beam because I thought I was going to hit my head, or flinch from an enemy who snuck up behind me.  I’m actually nervous to try a flat out horror game as they freak me out just regularly so I can only assume I’ll need to wear Depends to keep from ruining my pants when I have a headset strapped on.

Another double-edged sword is the visual fidelity in that it isn’t perfect.  Some games look good, but resolutions are low and poly counts less than what a 2D game pushes easily.  This is due to the system needing to render the scene two times, as opposed to just once and that requires WAY more power.  I honestly find this aspect exciting though.  Games have become so highly polished that updates to visuals are minor at best, but this allows for new innovations to happen.  New ways to render the game to make better use of the power we have in our systems.  I know this is going to happen as the power required right now is simply too niche to push VR into the true mainstream.  Once they can find innovative ways to push up optimizations and bring costs down I have no doubts that virtual reality will finally find a permanent place next to your home console.


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