GameStop Goofs On Nintendo Switch Page

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GameStop did a little web page magic yesterday making a paragraph from their Nintendo Switch page disappear as if it never existed.

The Nintendo Switch is not available for purchase yet. That wont happen for another two months. That isn’t stopping GameStop from trying to build hype for the system on their website. They have a robust page touting what information is available and a field for interested parties to sign up to receive updates on any new information as it is revealed. Down near the bottom of the page was a small seemingly innocent paragraph that apparently needed to go away. The original section of the page looked like this.

It has now been modified, the middle section removed in its entirety and looks like this.

The edit has been left unexplained entirely leading many to speculate why. From the reveal trailer Nintendo has already shown people playing Skyrim on the go, so it must be the second part that had to die.

Pokémon at Home

The wording makes it sound as if you will have the option to play one of the handheld entries in the series at home on your Switch.  Problem there is that isn’t supported by what we have heard so far. Pokémon producer Junichi Masuda said not long ago, that Game Freak, the company behind the franchise, was going to wait and see how the new Nintendo console was received before the company made any definitive plans on the series making an appearance.  This put a damper on rumors spreading that the Switch was going to get an entry into the 7th generation of Pokémon games titled Pokémon Stars to tie in with the existing 3DS titles Sun and Moon.

So what does this all mean? There is a good chance it means nothing and somebody just put something that they were not supposed to on accident. There is also a good chance that info was intended to be there but only after Nintendo’s upcoming presentation on the system this Thursday the 12th. Be it a goof or a sneak peak at things to come we will find out this Thursday. Place your bets now, is it a new Pokémon main series game or will it be something entirely new. As any new information becomes available we will keep you up to date.

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