Console sales slipping, but it probably isn’t what you think

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Have you read the news from other sites about the slipping sales of consoles and console games?  Probably saw a bunch of quotes from those sites stating how a bunch of people who play games are just tired of randomly shooting people in the face without a deeper reason for shooting them in the face, right?  “Who is this man who’s thought processing meats I’m forcing a close encounter with the lead from my gun?” They most be contemplating to themselves philosophically….

…That’s bullshit, by the way, that isn’t the reason console sales are down and I don’t think it’s really that complex either.

It’s pretty simple actually:  Sony and Microsoft screwed themselves by announcing better consoles in the middle of 2016, coupled with the constant murmurs of another Nintendo system The Nintendo Switch releasing March 3rd, 2017) around the corner.  Everyone decided it was better to just wait and see what happens.  While both Microsoft and Sony stated they didn’t want to cannibalize their sales or fragment their player base stating that all games will work with all systems and developers will be required to optimize their games to work on any SKU of the system currently on the market, I’m pretty sure people knew better and decided it was best to wait and see what the hell they were both doing.

Software sales aren’t slipping when compared to 2015, they are actually up almost month over month.  The console sales have stagnated though.  You lose consumer confidence when you bring out or announce new systems.  If you go back and look at every sales chart you will see a really obvious pattern once something new and shiny is announced;  Current generation console sales will slow because, surprise, you’ve just told them to wait, essentially.

People still want to shoot each other in the face and you don’t need ANY type of deep meaning or reasoning to do so, that’s just anecdotal random thinking from someone trying to answer a question when they don’t have the details in front of them to piece it together.

Here is my anecdote on why requiring a deep story to shoot someone in the face is dead in the water:





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