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anything that has nothing to do with games, this shouldn’t be used often, try and keep it game related.

Site Updates

Throughout March we hope to have some things cleaned and tidied, dusted and trimmed from the site as we gear up for the new year.  Some “life” things happened…

…and delayed our initial push, but we are recovering and eager to get back to it.  First among those is a change to the name.  Out with “idle-handz” and it’s 90’s inspired rebellious “z” for an “s” (heck you, I won’t do what you tell me!) and in with “idle hands Gaming.”  Every part of the site’s reach will shift to that name to promote some uniformity in the brand. (brand, wow that sounds weird to type out.)  So, the Facebook group has already been tweaked to represent this new name, we have a new domain and the site can now be accessed at both and the new addresses, and Twitter… well, we’ll have to nuke that and start fresh, I suppose as Twitter doesn’t allow name changes.
It’s kind of amazing what you find while doing Spring cleaning, though.  While combing through some assets and sweeping all this debris under a rug in the corner we uncovered a metric ton of Steam keys!  might as well just throw them away, right?  Unless you guys want them?

Along with all that we’ll be updating the design of the site, new coat of paint, so to speak,  and we’ll begin updating regularly with articles and rants.. and.. and fun stuff.. just you wait and see.


Just a little update on some house-cleaning:  Most everything from last year and earlier dating back to 2009 has been archived, meaning it isn’t accessible from the main feed here on the frontpage, but don’t fret because it’s all still accessible from the “Browse Posts” menu up above then down to the “Archive” option.  Boom.  All the old shit from 2009-2014 (we don’t speak of 2015, it never happened… Shhh.)


While Watch_Dogs may have its faults and doesn’t  quite live up to its hype, it’s still a damn fun game.  One of the most fun parts about it are its quirky side-missions and the “Virtual Trip” games which are… just… ridiculous.  One of which, and my person favorite is the Spider-Tank.  Yeah, you read that right.  A giant Spider-shaped TANK that you destroy shit with.

I recorded a full playthrough with a maxed out ST.  ENJOY!

Watch live video from Idlehandzgaming on TwitchTV

IHMC Server Walk-a-bout

Hello all again.  So, this isn’t anything really..  but since the server is coming down I figured I would do a little walk around of the everything that every has built over the course of the server being online.  Just a little memento and to show off what everything looks like with some sweet shaders running too.  Everything is pretty, isn’t it?

I apologize for some weird loading problems, those are not on the server and were something having to do with my run around, a restart of the program fixed it but since I was recording I couldn’t really just stop and start again.

Watch live video from Idlehandzgaming on TwitchTV

Game Over: Game Art

GO_072So, I’ve always been a fan of well done Game based art such as Oil-paintings and the likes as long as they are tasteful and have a deeper context or something clever and quirky about them. Several pieces over over at Giant Robot are on Expo right now, from June 2 to the 27th in LA. The site has all the pieces (I believe) up on their website with prices. I would love some of these, but since I’m cheap, I have to settle for copy and pasting them.

Just a precaution, some of the paintings do depicted nudity. You’ve been warned.

Link to Art on Display. Game Over

Don’t Call it a comeback…

I know. If there is anybody out there that still comes to the site from time to time, you’ve seen that it hasn’t been updated in a while. like, over a month now.

Well, I’ve been dealing with some personal things and just lost much of my drive to write anything about games or tech in general. Off and on I have been feeling a little bit like my self again and am hoping to get back into the full swing of things here soon. Might be changing up my “work” environment. hoping that switch will boost my drive as well. I have several games that have come out that I haven’t even thought about playing, letting along playing all the ones I have from GameFly or have purchased and haven’t even opened. Yeah, that is how bad it’s gotten. It isn’t that I just don’t want to type anymore, it’s that I haven’t really been into much gaming lately. Even my much frequented site on has gone stagnant, I have only logged into my account once in the past month and a half.

But, Again, I have been feeling a little better, off and on. And I am hoping to have some footage and maybe something from W00tStock in the coming months.

Adventures in Wal-Mart

image374458803.jpgAs some of you may know. Last Saturday, Wal-mart had one of 3 “Pre-Black Friday” Sales. Something they are doing to ease the rush of the actual Black Friday (Nov.27th). This sale had a nice selection of items. A decent laptop for 259. A couple TV’s for nearly half off. One of these items was an xBox360 Arcade edition of $199. But with a $100 dollar gift card. That’s basically a $99 dollar 360! Not bad at all!
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