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Nintendo Switch Review

Well, it’s finally here.  Nintendo’s next attempt at a console.  They haven’t been shy about wanting to push their console market into their dominate handheld market, given that the Wii U was basically a tablet/console abomination.  The Big N is doubling down on that concept by making the next console completely portable as well as allowing away from home gaming with the ability to play with friends on the same screen via the dual control pad system.

Will this gambit pay off in the end, or is Nintendo going to eat away at their own handheld market and further confuse their audiences with non compatible options that both sit in the mobile market?

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Review: A Night in the Woods

I won’t go so far as saying this is a walking simulator, as it’s a side scrolling, story driven “platformer,” but death isn’t really a thing, there isn’t a lot of action or quick reflex moments aside from some mini-games that you can do with some of the NPCs, and to be quite frank, if you are hoping for some metro-vania, or mario-qesue style game play in this you are going to be sorely disappointed…

…But I still urge you to give this little gem a shot.

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Site Updates

Throughout March we hope to have some things cleaned and tidied, dusted and trimmed from the site as we gear up for the new year.  Some “life” things happened…

…and delayed our initial push, but we are recovering and eager to get back to it.  First among those is a change to the name.  Out with “idle-handz” and it’s 90’s inspired rebellious “z” for an “s” (heck you, I won’t do what you tell me!) and in with “idle hands Gaming.”  Every part of the site’s reach will shift to that name to promote some uniformity in the brand. (brand, wow that sounds weird to type out.)  So, the Facebook group has already been tweaked to represent this new name, we have a new domain and the site can now be accessed at both and the new addresses, and Twitter… well, we’ll have to nuke that and start fresh, I suppose as Twitter doesn’t allow name changes.
It’s kind of amazing what you find while doing Spring cleaning, though.  While combing through some assets and sweeping all this debris under a rug in the corner we uncovered a metric ton of Steam keys!  might as well just throw them away, right?  Unless you guys want them?

Along with all that we’ll be updating the design of the site, new coat of paint, so to speak,  and we’ll begin updating regularly with articles and rants.. and.. and fun stuff.. just you wait and see.