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Just a little update on some house-cleaning:  Most everything from last year and earlier dating back to 2009 has been archived, meaning it isn’t accessible from the main feed here on the frontpage, but don’t fret because it’s all still accessible from the “Browse Posts” menu up above then down to the “Archive” option.  Boom.  All the old shit from 2009-2014 (we don’t speak of 2015, it never happened… Shhh.)

The Urban Outfitters Debacle

Aside from hyping a product to unfathomable heights in order to sell it and profit, what is the most important thing about maintaining a good retail presence?  Customer service, consistency and delivering on your word.  You need to maintain a sense of symbiosis with your customer base and not, ya know, piss them off to the point that they never want to use your services again, right?

Well, let’s just say Urban Outfitters, who had been hyping the shit out of the fact that they would begin selling the much sought after, beyond elusive NES Classic Mini Edition for weeks, broke all of those rules and spit in their customer’s faces just to add insult to injury and they are getting their asses handed to them for it.

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(UPDATE) Southpaws need not apply

Update: Dec 14th, 2016- The developers of KingSpray have gone from “didn’t forget you left-handers 😉 ” to “We are working hard to get this resolved.” In the span of the week and have finally released the update with not only Left-handed support in the options menu, thanks for not making it just the ol’ “just switch controllers” that ViveSpray’s developer informed me I could do…and still do as ViveSpray still doesn’t have an option in game, but also a slew of other fixes and a few more features to boot.  Not too shabby for doing that all in a week.  So with that, I’m now happy with the current state of the program and look forward to more options to really make this a true art program such as stencils, fading, masking, etc.  It’s a great start though. Here is a little something I painted up while testing the lefty mode:

Original article: Dear VR Art programs, specifically ViveSpray and KingSpray-Graffiti Simulator,

Look, I get it… this isn’t really something you’ve ever had to think about before.  Hell, you haven’t had to take into account a lot of things working with such a new and expanding technology such as VR; Spatial awareness, height of a player, how objects the player is holding and swinging around will interact with other objects.  It’s a lot to process and program.. and.. think about, I guess.  But ignoring left-handed players needs to stop. 

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The Last Guardian chugs on non-Pro

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?  I was really worried this was going to happen and it did–albeit much sooner than I expected–but it does look as if The Last Guardian, the much anticipated spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus,  simply does run well on the original PS4, dipping as low as 10fps in some instances. Dipping below 25fps can be a frequent occurrence though according to Digital Foundry:

Although 30fps is nearly rock stable when using a PS4 Pro, that is only when playing in 1080p which isn’t an option in-game.  You’ll have to manually change your Ps4 Pro’s output resolution from the main menu…what a freaking hassle, but if you decide you want to actually use the PS4 Pro for what its entire reason for existing is, 4K gaming, than you’ll have to live with worse performance in some instances than the original PS4 running at 1080p.

Seriously.  I just want to reiterate how dumb this mid-life upgrade was.  How does a game that started development back on the PS3 not run at even 30fps on the “next-next” gen system?…

VRR (VR Review): Black Hat Cooperative

In my quest to find asymmetrical cooperative games for VR, which landed me on the rough around the edges, but charming and entertaining The Diner Duo which you can read the review of right here, I also came across another interesting game meant to be played by one person using the HMD and the other at the monitor that the VR set is hooked to titled Black Hat Cooperative.  Is it a worthy title to add to your VR selection?

Like that obnoxious Owl used to say “Let’s…find out.”  If you hated that quote or don’t get the reference because you’re too young it’s OK.  he’s long dead now.

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Steam Sale Date Leaked

Oopsy, Looks like the date for Steam’s next sale has slipped.  While the autumn has just ended it looks as though the Winter sale is only a few weeks away and pegged to start, according to the image below, on Dec. 22nd.  So, don’t go too crazy buying stuff on Steam and wait for the next sale maybe?


VRR (VR Review) The Diner Duo

I decided that my girlfriend and I needed to find something to play together.  Since we aren’t really on the same level of “Vida Gaem” mastery (Not to brag, but I HAVE beaten the original Super Mario Bros.   That’s what’s up.) I decided to go looking for an asymmetrical co-op game since these tend to require actual diverse cooperation between players.  What I found was a couple of games; one I’ll review in a couple days and the other is this:  The Diner Duo.  Is it worth $14.99 on Steam? I don’t know and I’m not going to quantify your value of a dollar.  Is it “Fun”?  That I might be able to assist you with.

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SteamVR on PSVR?

psvr-total-30-million-ps4-salesWell that didn’t take very long. According to a Reddit post, the developer of a little VR program called “Trinus” has updated his program to support the PlayStation VR. So what does this actually mean? Well, TrinusVR essentially tells Steam and SteamVR that whatever headset you have plugged in or synced with the TrinusVR server software that your PSVR is now a HTC Vive.

The software has been available for a little while now for Android and iOS and allows GearVR, Google Cardboard, MergeVR, etc. users to mimic a Vive thereby tricking Steam into thinking you can play SteamVR games.

The software only supports basic headtracking (No z-axis tracking, sorry) and keyboard/mouse or controller support, but that is enough for many games on Steam, just make sure to check the requirements that it doesn’t need the motion controls or room scaling.

I used the software with GearVR a bit and while technically impressive, it was slow to track my head movements which caused some discomfort. The developer stated months ago that this was a known issue and was being worked on, but I haven’t used it since so I can’t confirm whether the issue was still present.

If you are interested and have a PSVR, GearVR or even Cardboard, give it a shot!  Link for TrinusVR linked right here.