Arkham Asylum Review

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arkham I spent the weekend completing Batman: Alcoholics Anonymous…err.. Arkham Asylum. I even went through and 100% it as well. And all I can say is this game is a hair shy of perfection.

The story is based around the capture and return of the Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill.) to Arkham Asylum. Batman (Voiced by Kevin Conroy.) accompanies him through the halls of Arkham during the opening credits. Once they reach a checkpoint the guards inform Batman that they have it all under control and he can’t enter. Reluctantly, The Batman sits back and watches the guards take him away. It isn’t too long before Joker makes his move. Knocking out the guards and making it passed the high security gates with the help if Harley Quinn (Voiced by Arleen Sorkin.) who has already stealthfully taken control of Arkham. This is where the game begins.

You control Batman… Duh. Using the left stuck to move about and the right to swivel the camera. The camera. Which can be problematic sometimes in 3rd Person shooters works flawlessly in this game. There where no issues moving the camera or having the camera being blocked or stuck behind something. The X (or A on 360) is used to run and interact with people and objects. Square (X on 360) is attack, Circle (B) causes you to throw your cap around and stun enemies and Triangle (Y) is used to counter an act from enemies. Left bumper aims whatever wonderful toy you have equipped while the right bumper fires said toy. Right shoulder ducks and left shoulder Is an alternate view that I feel is used far too much during the game called

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