(UPDATE) Southpaws need not apply

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Update: Dec 14th, 2016- The developers of KingSpray have gone from “didn’t forget you left-handers ūüėČ ” to “We are working hard to get this resolved.” In the span of the week and have finally released the update with not only Left-handed support in the options menu, thanks for not making it just the ol’ “just switch controllers” that ViveSpray’s developer informed me I could do…and still do as ViveSpray still doesn’t have an option in game, but also a slew of other fixes and a few more features to boot. ¬†Not too shabby for doing that all in a week. ¬†So with that, I’m now happy with the current state of the program and look forward to more options to really make this a true art program such as stencils, fading, masking, etc. ¬†It’s a great start though. Here is a little something I painted up while testing the lefty mode:

Original article: Dear VR Art programs, specifically ViveSpray and KingSpray-Graffiti Simulator,

Look, I get it… this isn’t really something you’ve ever had to think about before. ¬†Hell, you haven’t had to take into account a lot of things working with such a new and expanding technology such as VR; Spatial awareness, height of a player, how objects the player is holding and swinging around will interact with other objects. ¬†It’s a lot to process and program.. and.. think about, I guess. ¬†But ignoring left-handed players¬†needs to stop.¬†

That’s actually insulting to some of your user-base. ¬†I get we aren’t a large demographic, making up only 10-11 percent of the population, but you may not realize how utterly demoralizing it can be having to adapt to absolutely everything because nothing is made for you to use comfortably, or even be forced to use your non-dominant hand because it’s “not right.” ¬†Obviously that isn’t common practice anymore but it still happens. ¬†Growing up and in school I was nudged to use my right hand and I never understood why until I got older and it was simply frowned upon. ¬†When I didn’t want to I was look at like I was defective. ¬†As I child, again, I never understood but today it’s clear and it’s infuriating.

Some weren’t so “lucky.” ¬†My mother was born left-handed as well and was FORCED to learn to write and draw with her other hand via biblical passages and smacks on the hand with a ruler until she was essentially traumatized into using only her right hand, again, because it was just frowned upon at the time.

So, now in the 21st century when I pick a VR art program and the absolute first option isn’t “which hand do you use?” I am instantly nervous that the option isn’t going to be in the program at all and so far, of the three that I have picked up: Google Tilt Brush, ViveSpray, and Just recently KingSpray: Graffiti Simulator, Only Google Tilt Brush has an option to switch hands, but I only found out when using the help+tips menu as there was no option from the start. ¬†That is a free program, by the way. ¬†The other two are paid: ViveSpray for $6.99 and has no option to switch hands, and KingSpray, which was much delayed and was just released flat-out DOESN’T WORK LEFT HANDED AT ALL. ¬†Switching the controllers, which is annoying, results in backwards hands and an almost impossibility to spray forward.

That’s… just insulting, especially so¬†in the case of KingSpray: Graffiti Simulator which was delayed several months for mysterious reasons. ¬†In that extra time they couldn’t have added Left-handed support? ¬†This is their official statement on their facebook page right now:

But you did forget about the “lefties” because that mode isn’t in the game from the beginning. ¬†It would have been a day one option if you hadn’t forgotten. ¬†The fact that I now have to wait, after having already waited through a silent, suspicious delay was annoying enough. ¬†If this isn’t fixed by the end of the week I’ll be requesting a refund via Steam. ¬†There was no excuse for not having such a basic function. ¬†You had enough time to add a music player, fabric physics, debri that does nothing other than sit on the ground, but you couldn’t make the game playable for 10% of your audience? ¬†The fucking trash on the ground could have waited, not this.


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