Borderlands 2 Vita Review

It's like Borderlands was beaten to a pulp and left for dead.


I love me some Borderlands.  The original was a breath of life into a stagnating genre and the sequel build onto that ten fold with a fleshed out story, character development and a streamlining of gameplay elements.  It’s no wonder that it has sold…like.. a bajillion copies or whatever.  While Borderlands 2 was released on most major consoles, the PC version was by far the apex of the bunch with sharper textures, smoother framerate, ridiculous PhysX particle effects (if your card could handle it,) and of course the ability to use a mouse and keyboard, you know, the preferred method.  Up until the release of the Vita variant the “inferior” versions to play were the consoles, but not anymore!

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While Watch_Dogs may have its faults and doesn’t  quite live up to its hype, it’s still a damn fun game.  One of the most fun parts about it are its quirky side-missions and the “Virtual Trip” games which are… just… ridiculous.  One of which, and my person favorite is the Spider-Tank.  Yeah, you read that right.  A giant Spider-shaped TANK that you destroy shit with.

I recorded a full playthrough with a maxed out ST.  ENJOY!

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Watch_Dogs Review

Watch_Dogs has had a slightly bumpy road throughout its development.  What with early “demonstrations” looking spectacular, while later versions looking severely flatter and, well, less spectacular. And then being delayed several months to apply some more polish to the game, but did that delay for a spit-shine improve the look and experience, allowing it to surpass it’s already crushing hype train, barreling down on it like a … well, with the weight of a train, I guess.  Shut up, don’t judge me!

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Steam In-Home Streaming Preview

SteamStreamSteam has really been swinging for the fences as of late, some swings have been homeruns (Summer sales, linux & mac support, family sharing) while some have been long flyers that eventually foul out (I’m looking squarely at you, Early Access,) and some are still in beta and have yet to be fully realized such as SteamOS and In-home Steaming.  Since I don’t want to bother wiping one of my computers to install SteamOS, which in and of itself is limited to what games it supports I decided to give the In-home Streaming a shot.
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IHMC Server Walk-a-bout

Hello all again.  So, this isn’t anything really..  but since the server is coming down I figured I would do a little walk around of the everything that every has built over the course of the server being online.  Just a little memento and to show off what everything looks like with some sweet shaders running too.  Everything is pretty, isn’t it?

I apologize for some weird loading problems, those are not on the server and were something having to do with my run around, a restart of the program fixed it but since I was recording I couldn’t really just stop and start again.

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Ridiculous Glitch-ch-ch-ching-ing

 I hate Flappy birds.  I’m not going to pretend I don’t.  The premise is fine but the use of copywritten  images annoys me on top of the developers misleading reasons for pulling it from the mobile markets, in which he tried to say his conscience got to him *cough cough bullshit cough cough*.  That aside, the gameplay I could see as addicting I just refused to support his version of it.  So when I came across Ridiculous Glitching by FirePunchd I was very intrigued.  First off… No, I’m not annoyed that this game uses pac-man.  For one, the developer isn’t getting $50K a day via ad revenue from STOLEN assets.  It’s a free game with NO-ADS.  Also, it plays out like satire against shittily programmed games full of ads, paywalls and other obstacles and it works brilliantly, with just enough variety to keep my attention, multiple game-modes, 4-player, etc.  It’s very clear that love was put into this and is constantly put into this given it’s been updated with new features and sounds multiple times.

On top of have a clever background for the game, it’s also gorgeous to look at and listen to.  Rich with vibrant, old-school color, imagery, fluid animation and mind-jarring glitching all over the place. Accompanying the seizure inducing visuals is a chip-tune theme song that easily gets stuck in your brain for hours.

Here is a little video I was lucky enough to be recording of me pulling 2nd Place, sorry for the low quality as I was literally testing the streaming without tweaking any settings.  I had JUST downloaded the capture program:

Watch live video from Idlehandzgaming on TwitchTV

IH-MC Coming to an end

914036_4804204427531_1056879248_oJust want to throw out a reminder to anyone who might be putting off playing on the server, you have a finite amount of time to do so or ask for your schematics as the server will be coming offline in just a few weeks, probably June 10th.

I realize it never had a large population and that was something I was never going for.  I tried to keep it to people I physically knew, trusted, and to keep griefers out and away.

So, if you want to jump on, now is the time.  The server is running 1.7.9, which accepts 1.7.4-1.7.9 clients.  Pictured above is an older shot of PRE5TON’s massive castle, it’s pretty impressive in detail and scale and ya’ll should check it out.  As a reminder, a final reminder, the server address is on port 25566

Redesigned AGAIN

cropped-logo-1.pngIt’s been a while, I think, so I decided to change up the design of the site a bit.  Nothing particularly huge, as it is keeping the style, but things have moved around and the mobile version should be a much better experience now, not to mention being much easier to manipulate.  On the left you’ll see a cycling list of “Featured Articles,” a list of members who have recently been active, and at the bottom you’ll see a twitter feed of mostly deals that I’ve posted to the Facebook Page, which automatically posts to twitter as well.

Aside from just needing a touch up, the more streamlined presentation should allow for faster loading on my below-average service provider, the theme is also very dynamic and easily adjusts to all screen sizes fluidly.  So, hopefully you guys enjoy it.

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